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At this point in time, I’m happy to announce that we’ve identified a couple of sub-project leaders. I wonder if they would caracter themselves the way I do?

Mats Johansson, “Mr Ethics”, at the medical faculty will lead sub-project number one: Online ethics courses for all staff.

Anneli Wiklander, backbone in the former project group, very skilled member of the grants office team (“Forskningsservice), will lead sub-project number two: Overview of good research practice and legal compliance.

Kristine Widlund, with vast experience within labour law in higher education institutes and with a strategic eye on basically everything, will lead number four: Accessible information regarding terms of employment.

Lisa Thelin, head of LU Cooperation office, masters the art of building sustainable and sensible cooperation across borders, will lead subproject 8: Further develop career concepts and support.

Everything else is spelled: B U D G E T. I promise, if you wake me up in the middle of the night, I’m going to be able to tell you exactly how much sub-project 6 is going to cost. Delivery per delivery.

Early December, we’re up in the University Management. Mid December, we need to convince the deans. I’m sort of relieved that it’s a digital meeting, otherwise I would be afraid of getting tomatoes thrown at me. Not because the deans dislike the idea of the project (how could they!), but because it comes with a substantial price tag.  I have Stacey Ristinmaa-Sörensen, pro vice-chancellor for research and chairwoman of our steering board, with me, though. I’m optimistic!

November 15, 2020

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