3. Support for research communication

Subproject manager and contact person
Sara Naurin

It is not always easy to effectively communicate your research to the general public, decision-makers, the media or other stakeholders. Many researchers are therefore in need of training and support in research communication. This subproject aims to develop several training courses in research communication and to highlight the support already available within Lund University. 

Research communication is a way for researchers to contribute to society and to reciprocate the trust and financial backing they receive from taxpayers. At the same time, it is a way for researchers to draw attention to their own work, their team, their subject and their university. 

Delivery targets for the subproject:

  1. To follow up on the University’s strategic and action plan ‟Research communication – developed and coordinated support” of 2019.

  2. To develop new courses or equivalent in research communication within the framework of the career development concept that is already in place today (cohesive range of courses, workshops and seminars)