5. A clear recruitment process

Subproject manager and contact person
Lena Lindell

Lund University’s employees and potential employees are to have a clear picture of the University’s process for recruitment of associate senior lecturers, senior lecturers and professors. 

Based on laws and provisions as well as the University’s Appointment Rules and Policy on Good and Clear Career Paths, a university-wide process description is to be produced, including material associated with the process. Based on this, a training course is also to be developed for members of academic appointments boards.

The recruitment process is to be transparent, efficient and accurate. Adhering to the process increases the likelihood of the recruitment being free from discrimination and other unconscious biases or factors that could negatively affect recruitment.

Delivery targets for the subproject

  1. Updated and communicated appointment rules.

  2. All teaching appointments are to be preceded by a clear, effective and quality-assured recruitment process. 

  3. Templates and support material are to be produced for recruiting managers and HR staff.

  4. An introductory course is to be created for new members of academic appointments boards.