8. Reinforcing opportunities for career development

Subproject manager and contactperson
Maria Johansson

This subproject works on improving and highlighting existing opportunities for career development of Lund University research staff. Currently, support and guidance are offered in both Swedish and English for doctoral students and staff in postdoctoral positions, but there is a need to offer career development opportunities for other research staff as well. The project identifies a model for a mentorship programme that could be scaled up within the organisation. It also works on developing models for mobility opportunities between academia and wider society. 

Delivery targets for the subproject: 

  1. To develop a career concept in English for second cycle researchers. 

  2. To investigate the possibility of creating a mentorship programme for participants in careers development programmes. 

  3. To identify new and existing external collaboration partners and stakeholders.  

  4. To highlight jobs that can be applied for with a doctoral degree. 

  5. To investigate the possibility of offering internships in companies/public authorities for doctoral students and postdocs. 

  6. To produce a guide adapted to the target group in which funding is linked to career development.

  7. To produce a proposal for organisational change for career support at Lund University.