Project organisation

Steering group

  • Per Mickwitz, Project owner, pro vice-chancellor for research, sustainability and campus development

  • Jimmie Kristensson, Pro vice-chancellor for communication, integrity and character

  • Johannes Persson, Dean Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

  • Marie Härstedt, Director of human resources

  • Eva Johannesson, Head of office at LU Communication Support

  • Björn Fagerström, Head of division at Research, Collaboration and Innovation

  • One student representative

A representative from the university’s employee organizations has the right to attend, express opinions and make proposals at the steergin group’s meetings.

Project group

  • Lena Lindell, Project manager

  • Julia Edgerton and Karin Fälth, Joint project manager for sub project 1A

  • Lena Lindell, Project manager for sub project 1B

  • Vacant, Project manager for sub project 1C

  • Niklas Vareman, Project manager for sub project 2A

  • Anneli Wiklander,, Project manager for sub project 2B