Response from the EU and a new phase for the project

On November 28 came the EU’s response to the university’s submitted self-evaluation. LU was given the highest of the three assessment grades and the response stated, among other things, that the university had made “progress with appropriate and qualitative measures” and that the work had been carried out in a good, systematic and satisfactory manner.

Some feedback was also given on potential improvement, which the project will of course take into consideration when we now leave the implementation phase behind us. During the next three years the project will enter what the EU calls the “renewal phase”, where the university will work with the improved action plan. The eight focus areas have been boiled down to two; Develop the work with talent managment as well as  Increasing the knowledge in ethics and regulatory compliance for researchers.

The new project manager will be Lena Lindell, who will take over from Kajsa Roubert.

December 2, 2022

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