New Beginnings

Is it because January is the longest month of the year we get much done within university administration? Well, in January 2021 we’re not the only ones. Our new Vice Chancellor, Erik Rehnström, has already put his team of pro vice-chancellors together and started re-organising committees, boards and councils. He has also decided that Professor Per Mickwitz is going to take the role of Pro vice-chancellor with responsibility for research and to take responsibility for the project Implementation of action plan: HR Excellence in Research, thereby replacing Stacy Ristinmaa-Sörensen as chairman of the steering board.

And talking of changes, although not as a consequence of new University Management: Head of HR-department, Ann Silbersky-Isaksson, has gotten a new job and is replaced by her deputy, Mona Hansson. Jesper Falkheimer, head of Research Collaboration and Innovation department also left his position for another job challenge and is replaced by his deputy, Brita Larsson. The steering board is also going to get new members during spring term, more about that later on.

Well how about project management, then? Yes, you guessed it – we’re making a change here too: I (Åsa Thormählen) want to do some good within the various sub-projects with actual deliveries. Kajsa Roubert is going to take over as project manager starting – now-ish. 

Contact information to Kajsa:

January 26, 2021

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