First meeting done with the new steering group

The first meeting of the new steering group for the project was held on Tuesday. As this was the first steering group meeting in this new constellation, project manager Kajsa Roubert began by presenting the project’s history and the plan for the future.
– It was a rewarding meeting where we discussed that it’s importand that the project’s deliveries are given the right conditions to live on even after the project is concluded, says the project manager Kajsa Roubert.

The next steering group meeting will be held in january and by then the sub project managers are to report the status of their respective sub projects.

The new steering group consists of the following members: 

  • Per Mickwitz, Project owner, pro vice-chancellor for research, sustainability and campus development

  • Jimmie Kristensson, Pro vice-chancellor for communication, integrity and character

  • Marie Härstedt, Director of human resources

  • Lars Uhlin, Acting communications director

  • Björn Fagerström, Head of division at Research, Collaboration and Innovation

  • One student representative

  • A representative from the university’s employee organizations has the right to attend, express opinions and make proposals at the steering group’s meetings.

Read more about the different sub projects.
See the entire project organisation

December 13, 2021

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