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If you thought we were delighted to receive the HR Excellence in Research Award in September, you are absolutely right. But I personally felt an icy feeling in my belly. How on earth do we get this large vessel going now? Because now the project clock starts ticking – in 24 months we’re supposed to hit the “submit button” and send in our self-evaluation to the European Commission. And before we do that, we really ought to do something about those deliveries we’ve put in our Action Plan, no?

Just a quick reminder: The Action plan is one of three corner stones of an application to the EU when going after the HR Excellence in Research Award. The other two are the GAP-analysis and the OTMR-analysis.

The existing Action plan is ambitious – also in the eyes of our EU-assessors. And also when it comes to the document itself. Even I, who am so deeply involved in the project, have a hard time getting a clear visual understanding of what it is we’re actually going to achieve during the following two years. With much help from a brilliant designer at LU MediaTryck, I now have a presentable version of the action plan – a blessing when you’re on the search for people to work with and talk to.

The action plan


We have a seed: The HR Excellence Award logo.

From that all kinds of flowers grow: Our eight actions.

Some of the flowers are “connected” to each other, both by position and colour: The actions should be dealt with together.

And be carefully watered: Put time, money, effort into each flower but don’t forget the whole flower bed!

October 26, 2020

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