Although we have interviewed nearly 50 people, we are not yet able to identify with certainty what will eventually be included in an action plan for the continued efforts to improve researchers’ working conditions in the coming years (provided that we receive the certification, that is, but we believe we will).

However, many researchers are talking about the importance of having clear career paths and access to information and advice about what it takes to make a career for yourself at LU. As in so many other contexts, the situation differs between faculties, both in terms of career paths and in terms of organisation, information, development opportunities and support. However, as of last summer, there are in fact (revised) general appointment rules for the University, which makes it a lot easier to know what it takes to qualify for a teaching position here. In addition, there is the Policy on Employment and Good and Clear Career Paths for Teaching Staff and Researchers at Lund University. The policy is based on Lund University’s strategic plan and addresses crucial principles that are relevant when we want to attract, recruit and retain research and teaching staff.

Lund University Appointment Rules I 2019 I (PDF 614 kB)

Policy on Employment and Good and Clear Career Paths for Teaching Staff and Researchers at Lund University I 2019 I (PDF 436 kB)

However, not all careers are about careers in academia. Highlighting career opportunities outside the university is also important. Since January 2019, Lund University has been offering a career development concept for academic staff (including doctoral students, of course). All activities are in English, free of charge and in one way or another concern career development – inside and outside academia. The planning for spring 2020 is already complete. Read more on the Staff Pages.  

December 2, 2019

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