Signed, sealed and delivered

And before we knew it we were sitting there, with a new vice-chancellor’s decision, with all the documents reviewed, updated and entered in the EU system. On 18 June at 9:09 (something those of you who like numerology will probably appreciate), we clicked (yes, the whole project team) on the ‘submit’ button.  

Thus, everything now lies in the hands of others – you are welcome EU, the best summer read has been delivered!

We also have two brand new websites where all the documents are now publically available. (in Swedish) (in English)

We chose to place them under the heading Working at LU (‘Jobba hos oss’). It is important that potential staff – national and international – are aware of the fact that Lund University has chosen to apply for the HR Excellence in Research certification. If we are granted the certification, we will also have increased our international competitiveness. However, the certification also plays an important role for current staff at Lund University, not least when it comes to external funding. We will return to this in the autumn.

The second thing we did after submitting the application on Thursday was to send a warm thank you to all of the 80 researchers who helped us in our work. Without them – you – we would never have come this far. We have thanked you before on this blog and do so again now!

The first thing we did? We celebrated with chilled champagne. Non-alcoholic given the time of day, but champagne all the same! And we ate chocolate pralines, not sugar-free.

We would now like to wish you a pleasant summer and we will be back in September!

July 1, 2020

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