Letter of endorsement signed by the vice-chancellor

We have now booked interviews with around 50 researchers from across the University and the information is flowing in. Researchers have been asked to identify 5-8 of the 40 principles in the gap analysis that they believe the University, as an employer, needs to work on. We will take all the information into consideration when we later compile our action plan which is to be sent to the EU.

However, before we can send the action plan and gap analysis to the EU, they must be informed about the fact that we intend to submit an application for the HR Excellence in Research Award. We have to knock on the door of the EU Commission, so to speak. On 26 September, the vice-chancellor signed Lund University’s Letter of Endorsement, which will function as that knock on the door. After the EU receives this letter, Lund University will have twelve months to send in the final gap analysis (cf. the blog post on 7 May) and our action plan. The starting shot for the project was fired on 1 January 2019, however, it is now the clock begins to tick.

The project is now calling for more researchers! The more interviews are conducted, the better the foundation will be for the work to come. The interview takes one hour and can be conducted in either English or Swedish. Please contact Gunilla Thylander if you would like to participate.

October 7, 2019

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