Interviews with researchers the next step in the process

During the spring the project has been presented to most of the faculties – some still remain – and for a number of other groups within the university to inform that the work has begun and why the university wants to apply for HR Excellence in Research.

Now before the summer, the work on the inventory of the 40 principles set by the European Commission is completed in the statute that constitutes the framework for our work in the project. Updates will be made on an ongoing basis due to changes to the current regulations. This autumn, the next phase begins, which involves developing a gap analysis in which we, as a university, will reach in which principles we can develop and improve. This is done by letting researchers at different levels via interviews to give their views on how it is to work as a researcher at Lund University. The research categories that constitute the target group of the Charter&Code are divided into four levels set by the EU:

  • First Stage Researcher
  • Recognized Researcher
  • Established Researcher
  • Leading Researcher

Read more about the categories here.

The interviews take place during September to November 2019 and when the compilation of the inventory and the gap analysis is complete, a proposal for an action plan will be prepared. This will then be decided by the university management and after that the application can be submitted, which is planned for the spring term of 2020.

June 20, 2019

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